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The Future of Polk Bros. Foundation
Our initiatives, partners and plans for the future

The Future of Polk Bros. Foundation

Future Plans - Collaborations

Arts Work Fund for Organizational Development provides grants and technical assistance to arts organizations with budgets between $50,000 and $800,000 to

help them build capacity so they can meet their artistic goals.

Chicago Area Donors to End Domestic Violence is a group of funders working together to strengthen the system that supports individuals who have experienced domestic violence and promote prevention efforts to reduce the egregious rates of domestic violence in our community.

Chicago Arts Education Collaborative (CAEC) was created by funders to strengthen the arts as part of the core curriculum in CPS. The CAEC partnered with CPS to develop the Department of Arts Education, spearheaded the Chicago Arts Learning Initiative, a multi-year community-organizing effort to engage a coalition of stakeholders to determine recommendations for action to improve and systematize arts education, and continues to help shape and lead the arts education community.

Chicago Planning Council on Homelessness is a 23-member board that embodies the public-private partnership that oversees Chicago's Plan 2.0, A Home For Everyone. Its membership consists of government entities, homeless service providers, consumers of homeless services, private funders, and the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness. The Alliance along with the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services manage implementation of the Plan.

Growing Healthy Funders Network is spearheaded by the Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children and the Chicago Community Trust, to establish a city- wide learning network, build obesity prevention expertise and streamline public/private efforts to prevent and reduce childhood obesity. Its long-term goal is to reduce childhood obesity in Chicago within the next decade.

Illinois Collaboration on Youth statewide planning council brings together stakeholders from a wide range of perspectives, including child welfare providers and experts on adolescents, providers serving runaway and homeless youth, and experts and advocates on supportive housing, childhood trauma, juvenile justice, employment, mental health, education, and health care, among others.

Illinois Deferred Action for Children Relief Fund is a short-term collaborative funding project designed to respond to the need for immediate action by and capacity-building for nonprofits to adequately assist youth eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals to apply for a temporary, two-year shield from deportation, enabling them to live and work legally in the U.S. during the length of the permit.

Starting Strong Illinois is a collaboration of foundations and health policy and advocacy groups working together to promote successful implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Thrive Chicago - Representatives from about 150 organizations across sectors are collaborating to build a cradle-to-career impact framework for Chicago – including a shared vision and mission, accountability structure, and key outcomes – to guide the collective work. Data and collaborative action are being used to identify what works so as to implement and expand effective practices to align towards impact and dramatically improve outcomes.

Workforce Funders Alliance is a collaborative of 14 funders whose mission is to facilitate partnerships with employers and other workforce stakeholders to increase employment and earnings for underprepared workers in the Chicago region.